Become a supporting member of the Pro-Rail Alliance

Overview: advantages of being a supporting memberActively influence railway policy


1. Actively influence railway policy

Hardly any other area of the economy is so dependent on policy makers as the rail sector. As a supporting member of the Pro-Rail Alliance you can actively influence federal policy – lobbying on behalf of the whole railway sector is our daily business.

The companies that are united under the Pro-Rail Alliance umbrella intensively participate in these lobbying activities. For example, in the run up to every general election the supporting members jointly produce a catalogue, known as the ‘Timetable for the Future’, in which the sector lists its demands for the next national government. They also meet between elections to discuss implementation. Together with the non-profit member organisations and their 2.5 million members, the Pro-Rail Alliance is a strong voice for the railways.

2. Make important contacts for business success

The supporting members of the Pro-Rail Alliance meet three times a year. Occasionally, the supporting members host the meeting, enabling them to present their company and its headquarters. Once the Pro-Rail Alliance supporting members meeting has concluded its ‘official business’ after around two hours there is always an evening meal where everyone can intensify their business contacts in a pleasant atmosphere with leading representatives from the entire sector. Train operators, rail industry, construction companies, board members and managing directors from the financial services sector, passenger transport authorities and many more. This is a unique combination that only the Pro-Rail Alliance can offer.

3. Find qualified personnel: automatic and without extra costs

Finding new staff and lack of skilled personnel are worries that are often discussed, especially in the rail sector. And because attracting new employees is an issue for the whole rail sector there is need for a cross-company solution. The project ‘’ (, initiated by the Pro-Rail Alliance and Index, is based on this principle. It is an online job portal for rail-related vacancies and an information platform covering all aspects of rail-based mobility. The supporting members’ open vacancies are listed on the job portal as part of their membership. In this way, the supporting members can present themselves automatically and at no extra cost in this sector-wide project to attract new personnel.

4. Articulate interests in working groups

Ten working groups meet regularly to define and articulate the interests of the supporting members:

  • Working group ‘Schienenjobs’ (railway jobs – a joint development with a sector-wide approach to the issue of attracting personnel)
  • Working group ‘Timetable for the Future’ (federal transport policies, passenger and freight transport)
  • Working group ‘Combined transport’ (federal transport policies, freight transport, the road/rail interface)
  • Working group ‘Medium-sized construction companies’ (strategic dialogue between rail construction firms and Deutsche Bahn / the federal government)
  • Working group ‘System environment rolling stock’ (strategic exchange between systems houses and suppliers and Deutsche Bahn / the federal government)
  • Working group ‘Big-hearted Rail Employee’ (exchange between PTAs and train operators regarding the competition of the same name)
  • Working group ‘Staying safe from attacks’ (PTAs and train operators in dialogue with passenger groups, police representatives and employees about improving safety and making people feel safer on public transport)
  • Working group ‘Mobility – one stop service’ (interdisciplinary exchange on the future of passenger mobility)
  • Women’s network in the Pro-Rail Alliance

5. Receive first hand information

As a supporting member you will receive the latest and occasionally unpublished (background) information on transport policy: information on the federal government’s investment plans, an overview of the important transport politicians, intermediary reports on coalition negotiations and other information that is relevant to your area of business. Needless to say that you receive all the Pro-Rail Alliance’s press releases as well as a free copy of all the Pro-Rail Alliance’s brochures.

6. Have direct access to transport politicians

As “Germany’s most important lobby group for the railways” (the newspaper ‘Die Welt’ on the Pro-Rail Alliance), our railway alliance has direct access to the most important transport policy makers. By becoming a supporting member you can profit from these contacts. Do you want a face-to-face meeting or you would like to personally welcome ‘your’ transport politician to your InnoTrans booth? We can support you! If you need to speak to your local member of parliament we can help arrange a meeting in Berlin.

7. Obtain support from our head office

Are you are looking a contact at one of the Pro-Rail Alliance’s supporting members, ordo you need to contact a politician or a ministry. We will do our very best to help you personally.

The Pro-Rail Alliance is a recognised by the German finance ministry as a non-profit organisation (under § 52 section 2 clause 1 no. 7 and 8 of the AO tax code) because of its promotion of education and vocational training as well as for providing assistance for students and for its support of the environment. Contributions to the Pro-Rail Alliance are therefore tax deductible. You will automatically receive a contribution receipt.

Please contact us if you would like to help us by becoming a supporting member. We would be happy to hear from you!