The Allianz pro Schiene explained

Allianz pro Schiene e.V. is a non-profit and independent association. We pursue our mission to promote eco-friendly and safe rail traffic together with non-profit organizations, which  are committed to rail transport for idealistic reasons (members), and companies, which are active in the field of rail transport (supporting members). We work on the German national level, with European orientation..

Our mission

Allianz pro Schiene is a driving force in politics, business and society to increase rail transport’s market share in overall transport. In the upcoming five years, we want to reach a market share of at least 15 percent in passenger rail traffic and at least 25 percent in freight rail traffic in Germany.  We want to change the transport policy paradigm towards sustainable mobility:

  • Rail transport stands for eco-friendly mobility.
  • Rail transport is safe and efficient mobility.
  • Rail travel is affordable, enables social particiaption as well as integration and improves  standards of living.

Representation of interests

Allianz pro Schiene is the rail-sector’s leading representative. We aggregate our members’ and supporting members’ interests. Later, we draw political attention to these vis-à-vis federal and state politicians, the media and transport industry’s decision makers.

We demonstrate unique diversity in two ways:

  • No other association unites such a broad spectrum of non-profit interests: workers’, environmental, consumer and religious interests just as universities
  • No other association’s interaction with civil society and business enterprises is as close and long term as ours

The way we work

Allianz pro Schiene emphasizes the commonalities, which is why members and supporting members cooperate when working towards shared goals.
Currently the office –located in Berlin- employs 15 people. Here, activities are planned, coordinated and carried out. Together with the executive board, volunteers and our network representatives, it works passionately and successfully on a more eco-friendly perception of transport in politics, the media and the public. . Our supporting members’ contributions are our primary financial source.


Allianz pro Schiene is committed to promoting and improving eco-friendly and safe rail traffic.  While we are following our goals we attach great importance to financial transparency, therefore we are part of the “Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft” (“Initiatve for a transparent civil society”). Members of the Initiative are obliged to report their finances to a certain degree.

Our supporters’ and members’contributions and donations make our work possible. Amongst these, railway and railway related construction companies are most numerous. Public subsidies finance research projects, which we carry out on behalf of federal authorities or the European Union. Last, private cooperation partners also provide funds.

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