Supporting Members

Civil society is represented in the Pro-Rail Alliance in the form of full members. In addition to these members, however, over 170 companies are now also organized in our association as sponsoring members. Taken together, these companies generate annual sales of around 30 billion euros in the rail industry. From the classic rail transport company or track construction company to the software company, our various sponsors are organized in the sponsoring association. They all have a common goal: They are committed to strengthening rail transport.

Who can become a supporting member?

Companies, associations, institutions as well as natural persons of full age can become supporting members of the Pro-Rail Alliance. In regards to their activities or a commercial objective, they must have an interest in the preservation and development of rail transport.

The companies are organized in the Förderkreis. The Förderkreis has the task of advising the board of directors and the management in important matters concerning the association. Our sponsors also benefit from various networks that we offer. By networking different industries and experience, we, as an umbrella association, can strengthen the entire rail industry.


Spokesman for the supporting members


Manfred Fuhg, spokesman of the pro rail alliance

Manfred Fuhg

Spokesperson of the Allianz pro Schiene sponsors and head of the Mobility Division Germany of Siemens AG.




Deputy spokesmen for the supporting members


Berit Börke

Founder and CEO für Partner for Pioneers

Hans Leister

Owner of the future workshop railtraffic



The German Allianz pro Schiene has over 170 supporting members:

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