In Germany’s most unconventional transport alliance, 23 non-profit organisations and over 140 companies from every part of the railway sector work closely in permanent collaboration. The motivation is the promotion and improvement of rail transport in Germany. Learn more about the structure of our transport alliance and its aims. 

Going on holiday by bus, coach or train is good for the environmentally aware. But these travellers are clearly at a disadvantage compared with air passengers, criticised the Pro-Rail Alliance and the bdo.




Environmentally aware holidaymakers pay more

Pro-Rail Alliance and bdo want tax equality for coaches, trains and planes
Manfred Fuhg, spokesman for the group of supporting members in the Pro-Rail Alliance




Siemens manager is new spokesman for supporting members

Manfred Fuhg, head of the Mobility Division Germany, now speaks on behalf of the companies represented in the Pro-Rail Alliance