In Germany’s most unconventional transport alliance, 23 non-profit organisations and over 135 companies from every part of the railway sector work closely in permanent collaboration. The motivation is the promotion and improvement of rail transport in Germany. Learn more about the structure of our transport alliance and its aims. 

Gigaliners are dangerous, harm the environment, are expensive for taxpayers – and are unlawful under EU regulations. Federal transport minister Dobrindt’s go-it-alone decision is being challenged in court. Lawyer Professor Remo Klinger explains the details of the legal case.




Longer vehicles to be challenged in court

Allowing Gigaliners in Germany contrary to EU law / Pro-Rail Alliance, BUND and DUH taking case to court in Berlin
Poor climate record: Federal Environment Agency figures show policies lead to rising transport sector emissions. The government is having to pay the price for preferring the roads. High time for a transport turnaround.




Climate record: “Paying the price for failed transport policies”

Environment Agency 2016 report touches a sore spot: rail transport is being disadvantaged