“Security controls are not suitable for the railways”

Train stations: Pro-Rail Alliance welcomes expansion of CCTV

Berlin, April 4, 2016. The German Pro-Rail Alliance has welcomed today’s announcement by the rail operators and the government that they will increase the number of CCTV cameras in stations and improve picture quality. “The use of closed circuit TV can prevent isolated cases of crime, make passengers feel safer and facilitate the identification of criminals,” said Dirk Flege, managing director of the Pro-Rail Alliance on Monday in Berlin. However, along with CCTV, rail passengers would also like to see more uniformed rail personnel in the stations. Only the combination of both measures will ensure that passengers will feel safer in the long term.

“Security controls will only shift the problem elsewhere”

The Pro-Rail Alliance is however decidedly against security control at train stations. “Security controls will only shift the problem elsewhere,” said the Pro-Rail Alliance manager. In contrast with some other countries, the railways in Germany are an open and freely accessible system, and that has to remain the case. Flege: “Security controls are not suitable for the railways in Germany”.

French state railways announce security controls based on the airport model

German media reported on Monday that the French state operator SNCF is intending to deploy armed plain-clothed security officers on selected trains and introduce security controls for high-speed trains similar to the system used by airports.


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