19. November 2015

Online gallery launches with 20 role model employees

Big-hearted Rail Employee 2016 already has 100 passenger nominations

Screenshot Nominees
There are candidates from nearly all federal states. Rail customers often praised rail employees for helping refugees making difficult journeys in Germany.

Berlin, November 19, 2015. The first candidates for the next round of the Big-hearted Rail Employee competition have been named. From around 100 nominations sent in by rail customers to the Pro-Rail Alliance well before the deadline on January 31, the train operators have identified 20 staff members by name and received a photo. All the nominees helped rail customers who had got into difficulties. For example a train attendant who protected refugees on their odyssey through Germany; a train driver who saved the lives of several careless girls by making an emergency stop; or a station employee who helped frustrated cyclists out of a difficult situation. The uncrowned darling of commuters in Brandenburg, Heiko Schmidt-Dworschak from DB Regio, is once again among the candidates for the title. “No one else makes train announcements with such a soft timbre like he does,” is what his adoring fans in the Potsdam area have been saying for years. Meanwhile, head ICE train attendant from Cologne, Meinhard Uerlings, has advanced to ‘master of the stylish announcement’: no other train attendant has been so frequently and so enthusiastically nominated this year as Uerlings. At the launch of this year’s gallery, half of the title candidates are Deutsche Bahn employees.
The private train operators are also on top form: Transdev, which runs NordWestBahn and the Bavarian Oberlandbahn (BOB), Abellio, Metronom, Erixx and ODEG also have excellent personnel on board their trains that rail customers would like to see on the winners’ podium in April 2016.
All the rail employees nominated by rail customers have given their consent for the stories to be used in the competition and for their portrait to appear in an online gallery. From this shortlisted group of title candidates, a jury made up of representatives from rail unions, passenger groups and transport associations will choose the winners on April 27, 2016. Frequent travellers, commuters and people going on their holidays have until January 31, 2016 to send in their stories and nominate their big-hearted rail employee. Once they have been identified, new names and pictures will be added to the gallery of shortlisted candidates until March.