30. April 2015

Germans among Europe’s top rail travellers

EU comparison: Austrians travel the most by rail

It is more than a thousand kilometres from Berlin to Rome. That is the average total length of all the journeys that Germans make in a year by train.

Berlin, April 30, 2015. Germany is one of the six European countries where the average total length all journeys taken by rail is statistically more than one thousand kilometres. The latest report from the European Independent Regulators’ Group – Rail shows that Austrians were Europe’s keenest rail travellers in 2013, with every Austrian travelling an average total of 1,425 by train. The runner’s up silver medal went to France, with an average of 1,367 kilometres per citizen. Germany’s per capita average of 1,124 kilometres travelled by train puts it just behind Denmark and Sweden in fifth place and well above the European average of 978 kilometres by train per person.

“Germany’s rail passengers clearly belong in the European frequent traveller league,” said the managing director of the German Pro-Rail Alliance, Dirk Flege, on Thursday in Berlin. “Statistically, every German travels the equivalent of a journey from Berlin to Rome by train every year. It is also very positive that rail travel has been on an upward trend since 2011,” said Flege.

Average total length of journeys by train

per capita based on passenger-kilometres 2013


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