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07. November 2013

Twelve friends for the railways

Friends of the Pro-Rail Alliance joined by Peter Vollmer

Berlin, November 7, 2013. With perfect timing to mark its tenth anniversary, the Friends of the Pro-Rail Alliance group has expanded its numbers to include a member from across the border. The addition of Peter Vollmer, president of the Swiss transport foundation VCS, gives the political transport alliance a contact in Switzerland who has been closely following the debate about the inadequate financing of Germany’s rail infrastructure. After all, Switzerland is a railway paradise that has for decades invested more in the railways than the roads. “Good infrastructure is also the decisive factor for a successful rail transport system,” said Vollmer, who is now 67 and was for many years the director of the Swiss public transport association VÖV. “Right across Europe we need more capacity in public transport so that the transport sector can implement the desired transition to renewable energy. Germany has without doubt the necessary economic strength, the knowledge and the ability,” said Vollmer during his meeting with the Friends of the Pro-Rail Alliance in Berlin on Thursday.

After being joined by Peter Vollmer, the Friends of the Pro-Rail Alliance group has now expanded to twelve honorary members who all continue to work to promote the interests of the railways after having retired from their professions. Founding veteran Peter Donhauser (formerly Bombardier) still continues to have excellent contacts in the sector; Werner Klingberg and Dieter Hünerkoch (both former Deutsch Bahn employees) provide communications expertise when there are burning issues; Armin Keppel (former Federal Railway Authority employee) knows his way around the thicket of railway regulations; Armin Nagel (Kultur & Bahn) oversees the Train Station of the Year competition; Gunther Ellwanger (former UIC Paris employee) observes the political situation in Europe; Christoph Seidelmann (formerly of the Research Association for Intermodal Transport) has first hand knowledge of the ups and downs of rail freight transport; Walter Grawenhoff (former Bombardier employee) is an expert on tram systems from head to toe; Bernd Törkel, Wolfgang Hahn (both former Federal Transport Ministry) and Horst Rösgen (formerly Berlin Senate) have all experienced the highs and lows of railway and transport policy from the inside.

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