30. September 2013

A commemorative plaque for the Staffelsee station

Train Station of the Year: tourism award celebrations in Murnau

Murnau, September 30, 2013. The residents of Murnau, a small town in Upper Bavaria, now have it in writing: from today a large decorative plaque adorns the entrance to the station. The engraved brass plaque informs citizens and travellers that their station has won the Train Station of the Year special award for tourism. Friend of the railways, prominent politicians from Berlin, Murnau and the Bavarian transport ministry joined the Pro-Rail Alliance in celebrations to honour the winning station with its Mediterranean ambience. The jury of seven was won over by the station’s “hospitable focus on the needs of tourists”. In the presence of the Bavarian Transport Minister Martin Zeil (FDP) and the chairman of the federal parliament’s tourism committee, Klaus Brähmig (CDU), who has taken on the patronage of the competition’s special award for tourism, the jury members unveiled the brass plaque, which will be displayed in the station’s entrance. The manager of Murnau station Helmut Zöpfel from Deutsche Bahn, the investor Andreas Holzhey, who stems from the region, and the mayor of Murnau, Michael Rapp (CSU) each received a certificate for their cooperation in managing the station’s reconstruction.

Murnau station: with technology and spirit
“Fortunately, Murnau is one of those stations that benefited from being sold off by Deutsche Bahn,” said Jury member Karl-Peter Naumann from the passenger group Pro-Bahn. “Whereas many small stations in Germany are falling into disrepair, with no signs of improvement even if they are taken over by private investors, Murnau station was lucky in that the market town and the local investor Holzhey took matters into their own hands,” said Naumann “After ten years hard work the result is something to be proud of. The tourist region ‘Blaues Land’  now has a station that every holiday maker will love,” said Iris Hegemann from the German Tourist Association. “An automatic information system that also provides free telephone connections to local hotels particularly impressed the jury.” Regina Schmidt-Kühner from the organisation Naturfreunde Deutschlands said that Murnau station was an excellent starting point for hiking and cycling tours around the nearby Staffel Lake. “As ‘friends of nature’ we organise as many tours as possible using public transport,” added Schmidt-Kühner. Marion Linneberg from the German Pro-Rail Alliance praised above all Murnau station’s lively interior: “The station café’s hard-working, down-to-earth owner radiates enough hospitality and energy to ensure that this sleeping beauty will not fall back into a deep slumber by the railway,” said Linneberg.

The jury members for the special award for tourism come from eight organisations: the passenger group Pro-Bahn, the association of German rail customers DBV, the German transport club VCD, the Autoclub Europa ACE, the cycling club ADFC, the Pro-Rail Alliance, the German tourist association DTV and the outdoor tourism groups Naturfreunde Deutschlands and Fahrziel Natur. The jury made the special award for tourism for the second time. Last year’s winner was Bad Schandau in Saxony. This year’s Train Station of the Year award for went to Oberursel in the state of Hesse (town category) and Göttingen in Lower Saxony (city category).

Previous winning stations were: 2012: Bremen and Aschaffenburg, 2011: Leipzig and Halberstadt, 2010: Darmstadt and Baden-Baden, 2009: Erfurt and Uelzen, 2008: Karlsruhe and Schwerin, 2007: Berlin Central and Landsberg am Lech, 2006: Hamburg Dammtor and Oberstdorf, 2005: Mannheim and Weimar and 2004: Hannover and Lübben.

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