The winners in 2013: Göttingen and Oberursel

10 years of customers choosing Train Station of the Year

Armed with nominations sent in by over 2200 people, and after making extensive inspections throughout Germany, the jury has finally reached its decision. Göttingen und Oberursel are the winners of the Train Station of the Year 2013. It is the tenth year running that the German Pro-Rail Alliance has made the award for Germany’s most customer friendly railway stations.

The city category was won by Göttingen, situated in the state of Lower Saxony, which the jury said was Germany’s best train station for cyclists. The small town category was won by Oberursel, which is situated in the Taunus region of Hesse. The jury stated that it had discovered “a commuters’ paradise”. For the second time, the jury made an addition award for tourism, which this year goes to Murnau in Upper Bavaria for its “revitalised train station culture” and its “consistent focus on the needs of tourists”.

Göttingen railway station: the cyclists’ station

Bicycle parking facilities, cleaning equipment and direct access to a bicycle repair workshop? Göttingen is the only station in Germany that offers this range of services. “There is no other train station in Germany that caters for the needs of cyclists, pedestrians and people out for a stroll like Lower Saxony’s main university town,” was the jury’s enthusiastic praise after its incognito inspection.

In front of the attractive sandstone exterior the train station the jury found a harmoniously orchestrated station forecourt where travellers “can now properly park their bikes and then relax under palm trees while waiting for their train”. The elegant, pedestrian-friendly rear entrance was equally impressive. “No dirty corners and badly illuminated pedestrian subways. In Göttingen, the sun shines out the back as well as at the front.”

The jury’s vote was unanimous: Göttingen train station is a perfect experience for cyclists and pedestrians alike.


Oberursel train station: a commuters’ paradise in the Taunus region

The fact that a half-timbered station building with gable walls can combine two modes of public transport and still look exceptionally pretty convinced the jury when it visited the station in the Taunus region in the state of Hesse.

“This suburban train station is not one of those bland, lifeless destinations in the affluent green belt that spits out tired passengers from commuter trains. In Oberursel, transport companies and local authorities have worked together to create a tiny paradise for commuters,” said the jury. It was also full of praise for the station roof’s historical pillars and for the good quality of the signposting to guide travellers through the station’s spacious grounds.

Only a bland, lifeless train station? Not at all! This Train Station of the Year 2013 is perfectly harmonious.


Murnau train station: Special prize for tourism.

For the second time, the Pro-Rail Alliance is making a special award for tourism. This year’s title goes to Murnau in Upper Bavaria after the salmon-pink station building provided a very warm welcome for the jury on a particularly gloomy day.

A very active owner of the station café, a dauntless investor and a town council that is open to all possibilities have jointly managed to awaken this sleeping beauty from its deep slumber by the railway. After 10 years of reconstruction work, the Murnau tourist region ‘Blaues Land’ now has a train station that every hiking enthusiast will love. An automatic information system that also provides free telephone connections to local hotels is what finally convinced the jury.

Technology and soul: Murnau train station easily managed to conquer the hearts of the jury.

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