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12. December 2012

Pro Bahn takes over vice chairman role from VCD

Pro-Rail Alliance board appointments- Lademann succeeds Junker

The new board (from left to right): Dirk Flege (managing director), Wilfried Messner, Karl-Peter Naumann, Alexander Kirchner, Michael Clausecker, Michael Ziesak, Prof. Herbert Sonntag, Prof. Frank Lademann, Richard Mergner.

Berlin. The German Pro-Rail Alliance has a new board of directors: on Wednesday, the members of the transport alliance reappointed Alexander Kirchner as chairman of the Pro-Rail Alliance. He has occupied the position for two years and is also the head of the railway union EVG. The honorary chairman of the passenger association Pro Bahn, Karl-Peter Naumann, was appointed vice chairman and takes over from Michal Ziesak, who is the current national chairman of the transport club VCD. There are two other vice chairman on the board in addition to Mr. Naumann: the head of Bombardier Germany, Michael Clausecker, who acts as the spokesman representing the companies from the rail sector, and Richard Mergner, who is the transport policy spokesman for BUND. Both were reappointed to their positions by the Pro-Rail Alliance’s member organisations.

Klaus Junker, president of the Association of German Railway Engineers (VDEI) resigned from the Pro-Rail Alliance board for health reasons. He is succeeded by professor Frank Lademann.

The Pro-Rail Alliance (Allianz pro Schiene) is the German alliance for the promotion of environmentally friendly and safe rail transport. It unites 18 non-profit organisations: the environmental organisations BUND, NABU, Deutsche Umwelthilfe and NaturFreunde Deutschlands; the consumer groups Pro Bahn, DBV and VCD; the automobile clubs ACE and ACV; the two rail unions EVG and GDL; the German Conference of Christian Railway Missions; the rail organisations BDEF, BF Bahnen, VBB and VDEI; and the Technical University Wildau. Its member associations represent more than 2 million individual members. The Pro-Rail Alliance is supported by 100 companies operating in the rail sector.