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2010 – Germany will still not be free of Gigaliners

Press release 22.12.2009
Topic: CargoSafety

Danish mega trucks now in Northern Germany

2010 – Germany will still not be free of gigaliners

A mega truck blocking a crossroad in Stuttgart

Allianz pro Schiene/Pressefoto Kraufmann & Kraufmann

Berlin. Despite press agency reports to the contrary, Germany will still not free of longer and heavier vehicles (LHVs) in 2010. The state of Schleswig Holstein has granted special permission for a Danish LHV to cross the border into Germany from December 1. Further special permits may follow. In addition, the Pro-Rail Alliance has learned that Mecklenburg Vorpommern has extended its pilot trials of the 25.25 metre long trucks until the end of 2010. This was confirmed by a spokesperson from the state transport ministry in Schwerin. Only the state of Thuringia is stopping mega truck journeys on its public roads at the end of 2009.

For Martin Roggermann, coordinator of the pan European No Mega Trucks alliance, Schleswig Holstein’s decision to grant permission for Danish LHVs to use German roads is a political scandal. “For the very first time, foreign mega trucks are being allowed into Germany. Current EU regulations actually expressly forbid the cross-border deployment of longer and heavier vehicles, without exception. It is quite obvious that the new federal government is shamelessly raising the road barriers for mega trucks even before national pilot trials of LHVs have begun,” said Martin Roggermann on Tuesday in Berlin.

The conservative-liberal federal government’s coalition agreement formulated a “nation-wide field trial” of trucks that are longer and heavier trucks than the vehicles currently allowed in Germany. In answer to a query put by the Pro-Rail Alliance, a spokesperson for federal transport minister Peter Ramsauer gave assurances that there are still no concrete plans on timetables or routes for the new trials.

According to the economics ministry in Schleswig Holstein, the former transport minister Jörn Biel (from the conservative CDU) this summer fought hard to allow the special journeys by mega trucks. These special journeys are defined as “abnormal load transports of extended length” with the total permissible weight being maintained at 40 tonnes. According to the ministry, this definition has put off other interested parties. However, the association of international Danish road hauliers ITD views the special permission as a ‘door opener’ for a corridor solution that will see the so-called gigaliners being used for transportion between northern Europe and the harbour in Hamburg. ITD considers the next step to be a route from the Netherlands through the German state of Lower Saxony, according to an ITD representative quoted in the German transport journal Deutsche Verkehrs Zeitung. In Denmark and the Netherlands, mega trucks are now being used nearly everywhere as part of mass trials.


Allianz pro Schiene is the German alliance for the promotion of environmentally friendly and safe rail transport. It unites 16 non-profit organisations: the environmental organisations BUND, NABU, Deutsche Umwelthilfe and NaturFreunde Deutschlands; the consumer groups Pro Bahn, DBV and VCD; the automobile clubs ACE and ACV; the three rail unions TRANSNET, GDBA and GDL as well as the rail organisations BDEF, BF Bahnen, VBB and VDEI. Its member associations represent more than 2 million individual members. Allianz pro Schiene is supported by 93 companies operating in the rail sector.


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